Conscious Resonance is a unique immersive experience in sound and vibration. The sole intention is to utilize sound to promote physical, mental and emotional well being. We hold space for people to relax, reflect, learn and grow. A variety of mindful activities are explored including guided sound meditations, interactive workshops, and relaxing sound immersions. The sessions utilize carefully crafted musical instruments that aid the mind, body and soul in the healing process.

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“Words are difficult to describe this experience. I traveled all over the place literally within an hour…traveled the universe. On the most amazing journey of myself that I’ve had to date. These guys are magic. I highly recommend making yourself a priority and giving this to yourself. Therefore giving to the entire universe.” -Tammy Schuette Doublin, Vascular Ultrasound Technologist

“The creators of Conscious Resonance are not only well-studied musicians and sound engineers, they are gifted intuitively and have a sensitivity for the delicate dance of healing. A sound immersion with Conscious Resonance is far more than a beautiful experience for the ears and soul. I’m convinced (and so is science) that it has the power to heal.”- Carrie Luna Collins, Yoga Teacher & Light Worker

“They blend sounds and frequencies so beautifully that allow you the space to go on a journey within!!! So much love and gratitude.” -Rob Fournier, Craniosacral & Occupational Therapist

“Todays meditation was out of this world. Feeling so much love and positive vibrations…I cant get over how amazing the group energy was today. Wow!! If you live near or in Southeast Michigan I highly recommend you check out Conscious Resonance.” -Andrew G. Black

“The Conscious Resonance sound is both relaxing and stimulating. As the mind calms to a state of bliss, the heart beats with the tranquil sounds, leaving the immersed riding the fine line between inspiration to participate, and true sedation of the monkey mind.” -Tony Moceri

“Immediately after the session, my shoulders were feeling much improved. This was remarkable, because I had previously experienced high levels of sporadic pain over a period of many months, especially in my left shoulder. Suddenly, I had a wider range of motion and about a 65% decrease in pain. Well, today I continue to enjoy the improvement that began on that day. Thank you for being a part of my healthy improvement.” -Frank Vargas

“Conscious Resonance makes me feel an easy, 85% better about my body and my day. Warm environment with individuals just as sweet. Criteria ever changing and keeping folks engaged. One of my favorite parts of the year 2015 for me. Excited to continue to be apart of the divinity.” -Matt Kovacs